Getting People to Come Back to Your Blog

getting returning visitors to blogCreating an online following for your blog can require more than just effectively writing.  Particularly when you are just establishing your blog and making a name for yourself you will want to find ways to spread the word and attract followers you come back to you blog often.

Suggestions for getting people to return time and again to your blog include:

  • Creative writing.  People will return more frequently if they are actually interested in what you have to say.  Good writing is the most important part of creating and maintaining a blog.  If readers find what you write interesting they will return day after day to read it.
  • Be consistent.  The fastest way to lose a following is to write sporadically.  If you want to have a loyal blog following you must be a consistent blog poster.  Once viewing your blog becomes a habit readers will check regularly as long as you continue to post regularly.
  • Allow followers to be involved in the conversation.  Allowing comments to your blog posts can be a great way to keep followers coming back because they feel involved in the process.  When you allow comments however you will need to be sure that you have the time to monitor them and make sure that they stay on topic.  It is also nice for readers to see that you also respond to comments left as well.
  • Offer contests or giveaways.  A great way to excite your readers is to offer a giveaway or promote a contest.  Readers love to have the chance to win something and creating a buzz about your blog will not only bring readers back but may also bring new readers as well.
  • If your blog has a routine publication, offer a subscription.  A subscription management system can help you to manage fees you charge for subscriptions.  Allowing for a subscription will ensure repeat readers as they receive not only the publications but insights from your blog as well.
  • Promote yourself.  Whether it’s through your website, networked websites, or social media; it’s important to promote yourself and your blog.  Utilizing social media is a great way to promote your blog by connecting it to your Facebook® and Twitter® accounts.  By connecting your blog to you social media accounts every time you have a new post on your blog readers will be notified through their respective social media accounts.

Though creating a blog can be hard work in the beginning, as you find a voice and a following it can not only be a great business but a very fulfilling part of life as well.   The real secret to getting people to return time and again to your blog really isn’t a secret at all, if you write well and are entertaining readers will find your blog a joy to read day after day.


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